sábado, 27 de dezembro de 2014

Moon in Pisces - The Veil of Psyche

Moon in Pisces is just surfing out of it's deep emotional, intuitive waters.
In a few hours it's Aries playing the rules of the on going game.
And what an intense game !
Did you contemplate and meditate enough into your own unconscious feelings?
Is there any place in all that ocean where you can not find the answer to what should you do next ?
How compassionate have you been lately, especially to yourself?
Have you been allowing time to listen to your inner guidance ?
She never truly lies,
Pisces is all about dissolving the ilusion of barriers this physical realm drags us on.
Everybody is a little psychic, didnt you know that ?
Well days where transiting moon is on Pisces is a good damn day to find it out.

Sarah Moustafa

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