terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2014

Moon in Taurus - The beauty of simple things

The dawn invited moon in Taurus to come in and do it's thing .

What thing is that you ask?

Well Taurus intends to soothe the fiery energy Aries left us with , and to help us ground into a better sense of security.

Life seems so right when abundance flows all around us.

The moon is smiling to Neptune, putting on the rosed colered glasses for a few hours.

This can feel like a sweet, sweet day if we let this kind of dreamy and magical energy, flow on our intentions.

It's a time to slow down and contemplate the beauty that surround us,

It's time to enjoy the magnificent senses, earth blessed us with .

It's time to taste, to touch and smell every particule of nature and just patiently let it open it's secrets .

It's time to be gentle with yourself and others, nurturing with sensitivity the state of chaos and anxiety , we so often are wired to .

This transit wants to ask us in what way have we been using our resources to project a false sense of security ?

Have you been attracting the abundance you want or the one you truly need ?

Have you been in touch with your body and it's language ?

Have you been expressing the beauty of simple things ?

Because truly we're talking about Taurus. We're talking about Venus .

We're talking about LOVE .

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder .

Sarah Moustafa

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