domingo, 4 de janeiro de 2015

Full Moon in Cancer - We need to feel everything. I mean ALL of it !

The full circle of the moon is enlightened in Cancer .
It's time to connect deeply with our heart and listen to what it has to say .
To often we undermine our feelings, our deepest, secret needs, for being to afraid of showing how vulnerable we can be.
Cancer symbolizes the womb of life , the place we belong , our inner home that only few , if any, have access to.
It represents the past , the memory, many times the hurts we hold on, the mother , the family and the sacred feminine power.
Don't forget the Moon itself it's Cancer Ruler, so this sign, more than any, is connected with the changes and cycles of nature .
Often people with strong Cancer energy are described as emotional unstable or extremely moody, well the high sensitivity that surrounds them , the sixth sense that they are so tuned to, makes them feel so distressed to what they can not understand themselves , imagine trying to people who surround them.
Cancer is both the inner child and the inner mother .
Always floating between emotional immaturaty, people dependecy and the high power to shelter and nurture anyone who comes to their embrace .
This full moon is asking us to feel whatever it is we need to feel , to express our needs and look for our sense of security mirrored in our vulnerability.
It's OK to be fragile, to need a hug from someone we know, to miss someone even if they don't deserve it, it's OK to cry our eyeballs out, even not fully understanding why those tears are being shed.
We are in the Capricorn Season, Cancer's polar opposite sign, so if  we want to reach the top of the mountain, if we  want to have a strong structure in life and be the one and only, responsible to it , first we need to work on our foundations.
We need this type of Full Moon's to become aware of the work still need to be done in order to achieve what we want.
We need to heal many things we don't even know they're sick and stoping us from moving foward.
We need to be responsible and truthful towards our emotions .
The good ones and the bad ones,
Let it all out , my friend!

Accept the moon's invitation to it's sacred home.

Sarah Moustafa

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