sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2015

Moon in Gemini - I can't stop thinking about it .

Gemini is ruled by Mercury .
Mercury rules all our mental process .
The Moon rules all our basic instincts and emotional make up .
That said let's read again .
Moon  = emotions + Mercury = Thoughts / rational mind +  Gemini  = The need to know everything .
Whats wrong in this equation ?
Well it depends in the way we want to see it.
Gemini is an air sign and like all air signs they feel mainly with their brain.
So when we are talking about subjective emotions, that only need to be felt, this moon can get lost in questions after questions about it, and never really get to the point of deep inner touch, the moon craves.
This moon needs to communicate, to talk and think about it , to gather any kind of information, so they can achieve a sense of security which in Gemini is the sense of knowledge .
The tendency is to over think everything and with over thinking comes anxiety , dispersion and a lack of focus on what really matters .
They are very social beings usually very into creative arts, which can be a really productive way for this moon to find a balance in its very energetic mind.
They "feed" themselves on good conversations, situations where they find connections and put the puzzle of life together .
They addict themselves to anything that gives them a high stimulation, despise any kind of routine and even if unconsciously , they also reject stability .
Emotional stability would mean they wouldn't have to dissect they 're own minds looking for answers.
They use speech to hide what they're feeling cause feelings are really scary .
They are light hearted but deep thinkers.
They 're challenge is to find they're own truth and learn to be loyal to it.
When they overcome the fear of going to they're opposite sign, Sagittarius, and learn to ground themselves to a single ideal of life, where they can incorporate they're dual nature into oneness , they achieve a broader picture of why feelings are as important as thoughts  .
They are really afraid to commit even tough they know , because Gemini knows everything , that's the way to find they're balance .
Gemini is the beautiful butterfly of the zodiac wheel.
Always flying around showing it's beautiful spectrum of colors, but never letting themselves be caught by the hands that want to touch them.

Sarah Moustafa

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