quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2015

Moon in Leo - The little self artist

Leo rules our authentic self expression.The raw creative power that enhance our unique ability's in this world.
It's the energy of the child who cut the umbilical cord with it's family realizing that despite his roots , he has an individuality to express , and a magic to spread among other's.
It's when he grabs his piece of talent and use it to help people connect deeply with the warmth of heart and it's uniqueness, that he honors his purpose in life.
It's so important to never let our inner creative child be smothered by the circumstances of it's body growth in time , and let it flow deeper and higher in every little thing we do.
Let it just BE.
Let it Play.
Let it help yourself and others with it's unique smile, where happiness is met by doing what we love.
What we after all, came here to do.
Leo energy is the sun that never sets .
It's Mr and Mrs Little Sunshine.
It's the amusement and pleasure of existence.

It's just Good to be alive when you are truly living .

Sarah Moustafa

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