terça-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2015

Moon in Scorpio - HUSH

Oh Oh the moon is in Scorpio.
Don't tame the beast. don't hide the shadow.
Understand it, merge with it , become whole with the secrets of your psyche, of your deepest , scariest emotions.
That's how we realize we create our own monsters, our inner demons are a projection of the subconscious voice, Scorpio wants to cage within it's power.
But there's so much a man can control, and when we use sex, money , other people values, power struggles , to channel that intense energy , those are manifestations of the "darkness" wanting to make clear we really need to die in order to live.
And how we face the idea of death it's a mirror to how much we truly live, despite the fact we're alive.
These couple day's become intimate with that shadow self, maybe we'll learn to TRUST the process, not feed it with so much FEAR.

Hush that voice in your mind .

Sarah Moustafa

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