sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2015

Moon in Aries - Do you even know what you're fighting for ?

Today and tomorrow our humor is being sparked, in order to move something,
that no longer serves us, out of stagnation.
Mars the ruler of this Moon, is in Pisces ,so again this restlessness , urgency and
impatience needs to be directed to what really matters and speaks from your heart,
and not from childish, rash , immature, whiny attitudes Aries can sometimes fall to.
Tomorrow Uranus will Join the Party , and I would ask,
do you even know what kind of celebration you're joining ?
Are you aware of how your sense of individuality is, or not ,
being properly asserted among the voices of the world ?
Are you screaming and expecting the universe to answer you differently,
from the aggressive energy your vibration is matching with ?
Are you doing anything to calm down and listen, out of your ego,
and realizing how other people teach so much about yourself ?
Are you actively integrating your soul in the seeds you plant,
 in the wars and causes you take ?
Are you honoring your inner raw , masculine fire power to it's full extent ?
Are you being as Light as you can be ,
taking charge and leading your way into the life you desire ?
Initiative is up to you and only you.
Aries is all about developing autonomy and being brave enough to always be authentic.
Do you want a bigger adventure than that ?

I'll dare you to find one.

Damn, I shouldn't have said this ,
when the moon is in Aries,we're also very up to competition.

No worries, that's actually in tune with the overall message!



Sarah Moustafa

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