sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2015

Shadow Work - Polarity's

As a Virgo myself the fear of failing, of never being good enough has accompanied me all my life.
Even tough esoteric matters always had a strong pull of interest since a early age, I was until recently very afraid and resistant to allow myself to surrender to this huge need of exploring my soul and going to very uncomfortable territory's, like the big Mystical Pisces one !
Why am I writing about this?
Going from the previous post, I felt that giving my own example would shed some insight in what I wrote earlier.
I found the power of polarity's to be to most useful tool into realizing the gaps, the conditions , the blockages we hold since almost forever, and where the real, hard work needs to be done.
In this very moment I'm still very afraid of writing this, of feeling that I don't hold enough knowledge to even talk about it, but then it hits me , that I'm not doing this for anyone but myself , and all I write comes deeply from my heart.
How could that ever be wrong ?
Even if terrified of exposure, of judgement, or criticism I won't let it stop me anymore from doing what I feel it helps me heal and develop into the human being I want to become.
I'm diving a little bit deeper into the Pisces ocean everyday, when I allow myself to put the best of my Virgo quality's in service of the betterment of something or someone.
Even if that someone is just Myself.
So do not fear to go into your shadow side and explore it.
Even tough , trust me, I really know how scary it may seem .
Embrace it.
It's going to take time, it's not going to be clean, easy or beautiful.
It's going to take all you can give .
All of your mind, all of your heart, all of your fears.
Let it come to light and it won't be just the Shadow anymore.
That's the only thing that shadow, which is the rejected YOU , wants.

Do your homework.
I'm doing it right now.

Care to join me ?

=) <3

Sarah Moustafa

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