terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2015

Mars and Venus in Pisces - In order to make Love you have to BE Love.

The Divine Lovers , Mars and Venus, are merging together wanting to show us ,how opening up to the masculine, penetrating energy as well to the feminine , nurturing and receptive, that lives inside all of us ,we allow integration to happen, we allow ourselves to transcend duality and become whole with the beat of our hearts.
If you're present in the relationship you have with yourself, certainly, you will be present in the relationship with your significant other.
This fusion starts in Pisces, Pisces is oneness, is dissolving barriers , is living the dream, is compassionate, giving LOVE .
Before those two lovers jump into Aries and start igniting the sparks of passion, try and meditate, whichever kind of meditation works with you, about your yin and yang qualities.
We all tend to live more in tune with one quality, that's why the famous symbol focus in the need of finding the balance , the center, the meet me halfway... between darkness and light, positive and negative, masculine and feminine.
Now is a damn good time to try and reach that point we're missing and unconsciously struggling with .

So shall we go ? <3

Sarah Moustafa

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